No voice in your children’s education? Facing out-of-control cost of living? Worried about rampant crime, drug deaths, and lack of police?

Me too.

Do you know the Progressive democrats unanimously voted to defeat the Parent’s Bill of Rights in the State of Colorado this past session.

Why would the democrats not want parents’ involvement especially since only 35% of students K-12 are reading and writing at grade level?

Do you know that and the Progressives decriminalized possession of fentanyl, cocaine, heroin… as a misdemeanor, resulting in over 800 deaths of our young adults in this state.

Second highest …in the nation.

Do you know that the Progressives pushed through multiple bills that will increase our tax burden and fuel costs even higher?  Inflation is already the highest in the nation in years.

Our current situation of extremist government is unsustainable. We need common sense, two-party compromise, financial accountability, and business expertise in the State House. I believe we can find solutions that will bring prosperity back to our citizens.

I’m Anya Kirvan, running for HD12.  I am not a career politician, I will represent HD12 (Gunbarrel, Lake Valley, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Niwot parts of unincorporated Boulder County). I’ve seen it all as a health industry entrepreneur, ER nurse, Army veteran, wife, mother, and neighbor.

How will I fix this? I’ll fight to reduce regulations on citizens and businesses, restore police funding and punish criminals.  Restore parents’ rights; parents not the government, are responsible for their children’s health and education.

Finally, it might be time to vote differently.  The current leadership in the state has made Colorado, less safe, less affordable undereducated and has divided us as Coloradans.

Vote for me if you want to change the trajectory of where Colorado is headed.

Anya Kirvan, Candidate for HD 12

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