Meet Anya

I am a mother of two boys, and I have a husband of 33 years. I have lived in Boulder for 50 years. I enjoy cycling, hiking, and gardening.

 I am committed to individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and limited government. I am a fearless leader and believe we need change now before the progressive democrat policies destroy our state, much like what the Biden administration has done to America.

As a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Science, I was listening to the Boulder County health department board worry about masking children to the child’s detriment for 2 years, yet they refused to prioritize interventions around teen suicides, drug addiction and overdoses. Boulder is second in Fentanyl overdoses resulting in death in the country, 800 young adults died last year.

Where is the common sense, sound leadership that we have earned? The rise in crime can be directly related to the decriminalization of fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, meth by our State Representatives Leslie Herod, HD8 and incumbent Tracey Bernett. HD12.  HB 19-1263 made these previously mentioned drugs a misdemeanor in the state of Colorado.

Why I'm Running

I have never been afraid. I am a problem-solver, take-action kind of person.

– I heard the call to serve my country as a MASH nurse in 1969 and I was not afraid.

– I heard the call to start my own company as a medical entrepreneur and I was not afraid.

– I heard the call to become a mom and grandma, and I was not afraid.

– Now I hear the call again to serve my country, my state, my community, and I am not afraid to take a stand against the enemy within

I’m driven to run for office to fight outrageous lies and injustices: 

– lies calling parents domestic terrorists, and denying teaching CRT to children

– lies like the fentanyl bill, making 4 grams a misdemeanor, protecting criminals, not victims

– lie that inflation is transitory, how can families put food on the table and gas in their cars?

– lies continue regarding the abortion bill, couching it as “reproductive health” instead of late-term abortion

– lies about climate change—the sun controls the climate, and moves in 100 and 1000-year cycles

– do I have to tell you about the Covid lies? Mask/no mask; treatment/no treatment, 15 days to flatten the curve?

I have never been afraid.

I’m a problem-solver, take-action kind of person.

My name is Anya Kirvan, and I am running for HD12.


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