The following Letter to the Editor was submitted to and published by the Boulder Daily Camera.

I clearly remember my aging auntie telling me she had never voted for anyone except Democrats. As a then young woman and mother, I thought, “how sad.” How sad to surrender your independent vote for a pre-determined person and destiny.

This fall we will hear many advertisements concerning Colorado, from both sides of the aisle, and we should independently verify those. More importantly, I am asking you to look around you, look around our state and towns and cities and schools and neighborhoods.

Do you worry that your catalytic converter or bike might be stolen because you don’t have a private garage? Do you question the “compassionate camping” mantra allowing your fellow citizens to remain homeless? Are you mourning someone who died from a drug overdose? Do you feel uncomfortable sending your kids off to school because you worry about their safety, or that they won’t learn the essentials, or worse that they might learn something they are not yet ready to know? Do you feel safe when you step out for an early morning walk before work? When you drive around our beautiful Colorado, dodging potholes, do you wonder about the condition of things and just where all those taxes and fees paid from your hard-earned money are being spent?

Then Anya Kirvan is the representative for you!

Thankfully, Anya is not a politician … that’s how we got into this mess. Anya is capable and forward-thinking (successful entrepreneur), Anya is courageous (army veteran), Anya is caring (mother, grandmother, nurse), Anya is committed (over 50 years living, loving and caring in this state). Time to call 911 and send in the ER nurse to heal Colorado! Vote Anya Kirvan for HD 12, for your children, your family, your neighborhood, your future.

— Jeannine Harrington, Boulder


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