Law & Order

The US government needs to secure our southern border to prevent Fentanyl from pouring across the border and killing Coloradans.  We act as a magnet to the criminals and the cartels since the democrat policies have made Colorado a sanctuary state. Colorado is the path of least resistance.  The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) has seized so far this year (2022), 412 pounds of Fentanyl, enough to kill 93 million people. 

Currently, there are an estimated 2M illegal immigrants that have flooded our southern border with no means of support.  Easy prey for the gangs and cartels. No wonder Colorado is #1 in the nation for bank robberies, auto theft and property crime. 

Colorado is soft on crime.  District Attorneys are not putting users or criminals in jail. This has been devastating to families across our state.  Perhaps if Bobby was in jail after he was busted for Fentanyl possession, he may still be alive.  Perhaps, if Julio was incarcerated after his 3rd trafficking charge his sisters and niece would still be alive after a gang shooting.  Democrat policies have failed the people of Colorado.

Remember, crime disproportionately effect women, minority communities, and vulnerable populations.  Wake up Colorado!

Anya will be tough on crime. Colorado needs to keep our families, communities, and businesses safe.  To make this happen we must vote out all the democrat lawmakers that have made this happen, beginning with Governor Polis, Senators, Representatives, and most importantly the District Attorneys (DA) and judges.  You have the power to do this with your vote.  Remember you are the sovereign.

Parental Rights & Education

Colorado kids have been left behind, through no fault of their own.  Our kids are not learning the skills that will make them successful, grow, and prosper. 

Currently, only 35% of Colorado students in K-12 can read and write at grade level.  Only 30% of students can solve math problems at grade level. ACT test scores have hit a record low not seen in decades. 

The Colorado State Assembly always says they are going to fund education and fix our roads but they use this money for other purposes.

It is time to hold the Democrats accountable.  They locked our kids out of school for 2 years. Now we are finding out  nationally 1 million K-12 students never showed up during the last school year.  Rather than prioritize the students they left behind, Democrats chose a student loan bailout for the wealthy.  Democrats are buying votes instead of education our kids”.

Anya will reintroduce the Parent’s Bill of Rights assuring you are directing the education of your children. Your children are your children and no one else’s.

Inflation & Economy

The failed Democrat policies have created 16% inflation rate in Colorado. Our inflation rate is double the national average of 8%.  We all know that spending money you don’t have will get you in trouble when the “piper comes calling”. 

Remember, inflation is a tax without your consent.

Coloradans are paying $904 more per month than in 2020, higher than any other state in the nation, that’s an additional $10,898 yearly. 

Our children will not be able to afford to live in Colorado. 

Governor Polis and the Democrats without your knowledge signed into law more than 500 bills this last session.  The price tags for these bills have not been fully calculated. Inflation is one of the critical outcomes of one-party rule. 

Anya will say no.  No to spending without ROI.

Anya will Support Tabor, taxpayer bill of rights, and has signed the Tabor pledge.

Energy & Environment

Colorado has the cleanest fossil fuels in the world.  We need to begin production of oil and gas to use at home and sell abroad to friendly allies.  We can do this while relaxing some of the regulations that have made our fuels so expensive.

It is this kind of common-sense bargaining that needs to be negotiated in the state assembly.  We need to have multiple energy strategies.  Opening up hydro- electric energy, nuclear energy.  It is time that the Democrats be realistic.   Today, solar and wind technologies are not able to sustain, and store energy that is needed to serve Colorado and the United States, as well as the world. 

It is time to be pragmatic.  Colorado needs to have a robust energy plan with multiple solutions and encourages growth, prosperity, and entrepreneurship.

Anya will promote solutions that will keep our air and rivers clean and healthy, while getting our energy sector producing fuel for our cars, heating our homes producing crops, to put food on our tables, and providing prosperity for all   businesses and Coloradans.


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