There are serious allegations against my Democrat opponent Tracey Bernett that she doesn’t even live in HD12 which disqualifies her from running in the district. These allegations are accompanied by extensive evidence.  Theresa Watson of Louisville filed a complaint with the Boulder County DA’s Office and the Secretary of State.

Here’s what we know:

• Tracey Bernett was redistricted out of Democrat-heavy HD12 into Republican-leaning HD19 during the once-a-decade redistricting process. The redistricted maps were finalized on Nov 1, 2021.

• On Nov 3, 2021 she changed her voter registration from her Longmont address to an apartment in Louisville. The Longmont residence is in the redistricted HD19 while the Louisville apartment is in HD12.

• In order to run in HD12 her primary residence must be in the district for 12 months and 4 days on Election Day. By changing her voter registration to the Louisville apartment on November 3, 2021, she claims she will have resided in HD12 for 12 months and 6 days on election day.

• Mountains of evidence show otherwise. Her husband of 36 years is still registered to vote at the prior address and Tracey herself has been on social media all summer boasting about her wonderful husband and their wonderful home – a home that is NOT the apartment in HD12 but what she is claiming to be her “former residence”.

• She also voted in the HD12 primary election while all evidence shows her primary residence is in HD19. This is voter fraud.

• And there’s more. The apartment was monitored for weeks and no one came or went from it.

She refuses to explain the residency situation to any media outlet, including the Colorado Sun who has followed similar, but must less brazen, cases. Read more about that here:  

Tracey Bernett should bow out of this race. Stay tuned.

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