Firearm Ordinances In Boulder County and Multiple Cities Put On Hold

Gun rights groups are suing the cities of Boulder, Superior, and Louisville, as well as Boulder County as a whole, over ordinances prohibiting the sale of assault weapons and “large capacity” magazines.

Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), a gun rights advocacy group, and the National Foundation for Gun Rights (NFGR), a nonprofit legal organization, filed the lawsuits arguing that newly-enacted prohibitions in the cities are unconstitutional.

Boulder City Council passed new ordinances in June that banned assault weapons and magazines deemed large capacity. Louisville, Superior, Boulder, and Lafayette also adopted similar ordinances in June.

Today a Temporary Restraining Order against Boulder County was been granted over their Assault Weapon and Standard Capacity Magazine Ban. The Judge noted the “substantial likelihood” of RMGO winning on the merits when granting the TRO.

Additionally, Superior, Boulder City, Louisville, and Boulder County have filed to consolidate our four cases into one and all of them agree to postpone their so-called “Assault Weapon” and Standard Capacity Magazine bans.



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