Anya Kirvan


About House District 12

Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder,
Niwot, Lake Valley, Gunbarrel, Superior

The Issues


reduce crime

Safety and security for our citizens, our businesses, and our communities is fundamental. Restore police funding and punish criminals.

Tax & Spend

Defend Taxpayers

I will fight to reduce regulations on citizens and businesses, and always protect TABOR. “Inflation is a tax without your consent”.

Parental Rights

Kids first

Parents are not “domestic terrorists.” Parents are responsible for their children and their education, not the government

Rural Allies

Fight for rural industries

I will be an ally to our rural neighbors because I know these Colorado counties put food on our tables and gas in our cars.


defend our rights

Whether it’s gun rights or free speech, rights to assembly, as an elected official I will always defend our Constitutional Rights.

Voter Resources

Colorado mails a  ballot to every voter in the state and voters can select any candidate on their ballot regardless of party affiliation. Voters can return their ballot by mail, place it in a drop-box, or vote in-person.

Colorado law allows citizens to register to vote AND VOTE up until and on election day before 7pm.

If you do not receive a ballot, contact your county clerk.

register to vote

In Colorado you can register up until and even on election day by 7pm and still vote. Don’t miss out on making your voice heard! Register to vote today.

check registration

Check your voter registration is up to date with your current address and shows your status as active to ensure there are no issues receiving your ballot.

where to vote

Colorado has both mail-in and in-person voting. If you choose to vote in-person, please bring your ballot with you. Find both polling locations and ballot dropbox locations here.


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